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Discworld player help



wall stencil - a piece of cardboard you may use to stencil the walls of your player house


cut [stencil of] <object> in <object> with <object>
stencil <stencil> on <part> of <object> with <paint>
stencil <stencil> on <cardinal direction> with <paint>


Stencils are used to paint images on surfaces within your house.

They may be bought either pre-cut with an image, or you may buy a blank and use an existing object as a template to cut your own image into it. If you cut your own image, you will not be able to get as much detail as with shop-bought items, but you will be able to get a unique stencil.

To paint a stencil, you will need to buy a tin of paint.


cut stencil of broom in stencil with scissors

This requires you to have a broom in your inventory!

paint north wall with red tin

stencil stencil on east wall with blue paint

This results in: "The north wall is covered with red paint on which is a blue stencil of a broomstick."

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