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Pottery table

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Pottery table


pottery table - used to decorate pots


stain <object> with [a] {pattern type} [pattern] in {colour}
glaze <object> with {colour} glaze


This table can be used to decorate a pot created on a pottery wheel. The patterns, glazes and colours vary between tables and some patterns may need more than one application of stain to be completed. You can see the patterns and colours available with "syntax stain" and "syntax glaze", respectively.

The skills crafts.pottery.staining and are used for staining a pattern. The skill crafts.pottery.glazing is used for glazing.

You can also sign your work if you have a pottery brush.


> stain bowl with a blossom pattern in pink
You expertly start to stain a traditional bowl with a pink pattern.

> glaze bowl with black glaze
You skillfully start to coat a traditional bowl with some pink goo.

See also

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