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Marbling tray

Discworld player help

Marbling tray



add ink from <object> to <tray>
create {spike|swirl|circle|wave} pattern in <tray>
dye <cloth> in <tray>


The marbling tray allows certain objects to be dyed with different colours and patterns. Furoshiki cloths, blank wrapping paper, special writing paper and blank wallpaper can currently be dyed.

Ordinary ink acts as the dye and up to two colours can be added to the tray. A marbling comb is needed to create a pattern.

The skill is used to create patterns and crafts.materials.dyeing is used to dye the cloths or papers.


> add ink from well to tray
You add a drop of lavender ink to the metal marbling tray.

> create wave pattern in tray
Using the marbling comb you create a pattern of pretty lavender and bronze waves
in the metal marbling tray.

> dye cloth in tray
You carefully lower the silk furoshiki cloth into the metal marbling tray.
You gently lift the lavender and bronze marbled silk furoshiki cloth from
the metal marbling tray.