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Discworld NPC help



locksmith - Someone who unlocks houses


hire locksmith
hire locksmith to unlock an entire house
pay locksmith
ask locksmith to open the south door


This is a npc help file. This person will help you to unlock a house you own or are allowed to use. First hire him (either to unlock one door, or to unlock every door inside the house), then pay him and he will follow you. Once at your destination, ask him to open the door and confirm when he requests it.


> hire glodson to unlock an entire house
Mr Glodson says to you: That'll be 2 Ankh-Morpork royals and 5 Ankh-Morpork ten-dollars up front.
> pay glodson
Mr Glodson is requesting to be able to follow you. Use 'follow accept glodson'.
>follow accept glodson
>ask glodson to open the south door
Mr Glodson stops following you.
Mr Glodson whispers to you: Can you confirm that this is your place? And that you want the "south" door opened?
> confirm

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