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Iconograph Album

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Iconograph Album


iconograph album - an album to store iconographs in


glue <picture> in <album>
glue <picture> in position <number> in <album>
view pictures in <album>
view picture <number> in <album>
write {above|below|beside|inside} picture <number> in <album> with <object>
tear page from <album>


An iconograph album is a book with a fixed number of pages, which you can glue iconographs into. The iconographs, once glued in, cannot be removed again. Using the "view" syntax, you can view individual pictures on the current page, or view them all at once.

You can also write notes by the iconographs. While you cannot write in the album directly, if you have a writing implement such as a quill or pencil you *can* write relative to each of the pictures. Note however that there are size restrictions to each position: you cannot for instance write a long story in the one line space above a picture! The written text both shows up if you read the page, or if you view the individual pictures.

Of course, the album is a book, and can be used as such (using commands like "turn page of album"). You can also tear pages out; each of these pages can still be viewed, and if there is place left, you can also glue additional iconographs onto them.

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