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faith rod

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faith rod


faith rod - a vessel for rituals


perform <ritual> {on|at} <target> {from|using|with} <item>
examine slots {of|on} <item>
examine <slot> {of|on} <item>


Faith rods are weapons that hold the essence of a ritual in order that it can be performed later. Priests can "bestow" rituals onto rods for later use, and anyone who worships a deity may "perform" rituals using a faith rod consecrated to that deity.

Rods have three strengths: When the ritual is imbued, performing the ritual or reconsecrating the rod will remove the ritual. When it is impressed, performing the ritual will not remove it, but reconsecrating will. When imprinted, the rod may be reconsecrated to another deity, though that will return it to simply imbued.

A priest may increase the strength of the rod by holding it and praying. Note that both holding a rod and praying into it require some degree of skill.

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