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.DT dummy Discworld player help display dummy .SH Name .SI 5 display dummy - a dummy on which you can display your clothes and armour .EI .SH Syntax .SI 5 dress {with|in} display on move [into] put {in|on|into} .EI .SH Description .SP 5 5 Dummies are special pieces of furniture that you may use to display weapons and armour as it would appear on a player. You may also move them into particular poses. .EP .SH Example .SI 5 dress dummy with hotpants > You dress the thin male warrior dummy with the pair of black leather hotpants. move dummy into wombling free! > You move the fat female thief dummy into a new position. look dummy > It is wombling free! .EI .SH See also .SP 5 5 player housing .EP