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Decoratable binder

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Decoratable binder


binder - a binder to store papers in


add <paper> to <binder> and label [as] <label>
add <paper> to <binder> and label in <language> [as] <label>
retrieve [paper] <number> from <binder>
retrieve all [papers] from <binder>
list contents of <binder>

turn [a|1] {page|paper} {of|in} <binder>
turn <binder> to {page|paper} <number>
open <binder> to {page|paper} <number>

When open to a map:
study <binder>
consult <binder>
locate <place> {on|in} <binder>
add <description> to <binder>


This binder can be used to store and organise iconographs, maps and papers
such as craft patterns and sheet music. When adding a paper to the binder
a label is needed as this is used in the index, and you must be holding an
appropriate writing implement. The contents of the binder can then be
listed and specific papers retrieved from it. The binder can be treated
like a book with pages that turn.

To read or look at a paper in the binder, simply open the binder to the
appropriate page and then read or look at the binder. Craft patterns,
sheet music and maps can be used without having to be removed from the
binder, provided it is open to the correct page.

This binder can also be decorated in wood decoration workshops.


> add pattern to binder and label as snowflake embroidery pattern
You add the snowflake embroidery pattern to the cobalt binder and write on the
index page.

> retrieve 2 from binder
You retrieve the snowflake embroidery pattern from the cobalt binder.

> list contents of binder
You flip to the index and read it:
1. frog embroidery pattern
2. snowflake embroidery pattern
3. wind sheet music
4. lion embroidery pattern
5. ramtops map

> play music on flute from binder
You skilfully play a few bars from the opera The Enchanted Piccolo on your
silver flute while glancing at your cobalt binder.

> consult binder
You consult the old Ramtops map and conclude that nearby is Lancre Town,
lying to the east is the Hub and somewhere to the west are the Skund Forest,
the Carrack Mountains and Ohulan-Cutash.