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Billiards table

Discworld player help

Billiards table


billiards table - a table to play billiards on


play {wizards|guild} billiards with <player>
hit cue ball at <ball> on <table> with <broom>
hit cue ball at <ball> on <table> with <staff>
end game


This is a game for two players of any guild and can be played with a broom or a staff. Players take turns hitting the cue ball at a colour ball in an attempt to pocket it. This continues until no colour balls remain on the table and the winner is announced by the score board.

Unlike roundworld billiards or pool, indiviudal balls are not assigned points. Instead, scoring is based on how well the ball is hit. So a wizard who only manages to produce a few sparks to push the cue ball scores less than one who turns it into a minature volcano. There is also no need to rack or break the balls and balls return to the table automagically at the end of a game.

Two forms of billiards can be played at the table: wizards and guild. Wizards billiards uses various magic skills to determine how well a player will fare when hitting the cue ball. The skill used for guild billiards will vary based on the player's guild. So it is impossible to distinguish between two wizards playing guild or wizards billiards.


> play wizards billiards with womble
You challenge Womble to a game of wizards billiards.
Womble accepts the challenge.
Starting game. It is your turn.

> hit cue ball at red ball on table with staff
You tap the cue ball with your old staff and it zooms towards the red ball.
The red ball zips across the table, creating a few sparks before landing in
a corner pocket.

The score board emits a flash of blue light.
It is now Womble's turn.