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skillcap - voluntarily lower your skills


skillcap <level>
skillcap clear
skillcap hide
skillcap unhide
skillcap for <player>
skillcap inform <player>
skillcap follow <player>
skillcap unfollow <player>
killers capped


Sometimes, your skills are just too high. For example, you try to join a PK brawl, and everyone else ends up dead within 10 seconds of you joining. The skillcap command allows you to avoid such problems by lowering your own skills.

Using "skillcap <level>", you can set a skill cap for yourself. While the skill cap is in effect, all your skills will be capped at this level; that is, the skill used is MIN(actual skill, skillcap level). To remove the cap (and have your original levels restored), just use "skillcap clear". To see your current skill cap, use "skillcap" by itself.

Note that skillcapping does not have any permanent effects on your skills! However, if a skill is affected by the skillcap, it cannot be increased using either advancement or task masters. Be aware that you cannot change your skill cap while in combat, and that your skill cap is saved over logins; it will not automatically be disabled if you forget abou it!

To avoid Issues(tm), you can only set your skill cap to values at least 300, and multiples of 25, so 300, 325, 350, 375, and so on.

Showing Off

You can see other players' skillcaps using "skillcap for <player>". If they are playerkillers, they will moreover show up in "killers capped".

If you do not want other people to know what your skill cap is set to, you can hide this using "skillcap hide". To show your cap again, simply use "skillcap unhide". Note that players who are hiding their skillcap will not show up in "killers capped", even when they are capped.

For the Paranoid People

In some rare cases, such as during skillcapped PK tournaments, you may want to be absolutely sure that a player doesn't sneakily change their skill cap for a period. For such eventualities, the last three skillcap syntaxes exist.

If, say, Pittles wants to be informed of Pitty's skill cap changes, he would type:

> skillcap follow pitty

Pitty would then see:

Pittles is requesting to be informed of updates to your skillcap. To permit them, use "skillcap inform pittles"

Once she does so, Pittles will receive notifications of every skill cap change Pitty makes, until the point where she hides her skill cap, or where he types "skillcap unfollow pitty".

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