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screenreader - settings and news aimed at screenreader users


This commands lists the options recommended for players who use a screenreader. You can also use it to automatically set all these options and to read blogs aimed specifically at screenreader users.


To see the options we recommend for screenreader users, use:

screenreader settings

You can toggle these options using the "options" command, or you can set them all at once using:

screenreader set defaults

Screenreader Informs

When a new development blog of particular interest to screenreader users has been made, the responsible creator can choose to add it to the screenreader command. You can access all such blog items using:

screenreader news

To make sure you get a warning when there is new screenreader news, use:

screenreader inform on

You can also read specific screenreader news items. To see an overview of all screenreader news, use:

screenreader news list

To then read, for example, item 3:

screenreader news 3