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Discworld command help



rate - convert between currencies


rate <money> in <currency 1> to <currency 2>


This allows you to perform conversions from one kind of currency to another. Note that only currencies that are currently available allow conversions with this command.

List of Valid Currencies

CurrencyValid abbreviations
Ankh-Morporkankh-morpork, am, ankh, ankhian, ankh morpork, morpork, morporkian
Counterweight Continentcounterweight continent, agatea, agatean, bes pelargic, bp, counterweight, cwc
Djelibeybidjelibeybi, djb, djelian
Ephebeephebe, ephebian
Genuagenua, genuan
Klatchklatch, klatchian, al khali
Lancrelancre, lancrastian, oc
Tsort tsort, tsortean
Newbie Areanewbie area, pumpkin, pumpkin town
Defaultdefault, provincial


> rate A$1 in Ankh-Morpork to Ephebe
A$1 is worth S2|8de.

> rate 1 thanra, 1 ra, 1 tooni in djelian to genua
DjToon 601.00 is worth 4,0,0,66Gd.

See also

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