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nickname - Give an object a nickname.


nickname clear all nicknames
nickname sorted
nickname <realname> [as] <nickname>
nickname <nickname>
unnickname <nickname>


Nicknames are used to refer to objects by a nickname. To use it, you just setup a nickname for any object by typing "nickname lynscar lyn" or whatever. To use the nickname, just put the nickname in any command where you would normally put the object's entire name. "unnickname" is used to delete a nickname. "nickname" with no parameters will list all the nicknames you have currently defined.


Nicknames are quite often the cause for commands, spells and rituals to stop working the way they should. For instance, a "nickname redjack red" will make it impossible to cast any spells or rituals that require you to have a red candle. Likewise, "nickname annabel an" will mess up (amongst many other things) Pragi's Fiery Gaze because you need *an* eye to cast that spell. Always consider if a nickname could cause problems.

Deleting Nicknames.

To delete nicknames, simply use dnickname or unnickname.


> nickname pinkfish pf
Added nickname pf for pinkfish.
> nickname furball furry
Added nickname furry for furball.
> nickname marriard mar
Added nickname mar for marriad.
> nickname alyssa al
Added nickname al for alyssa.
> tell pf You are a frog.
You tell Pinkfish: You are a frog.
> smile furry
You smile at Furball.
> tell pf,al Bing!
You tell Pinkfish and Alyssa: Bing!
> unnickname pf
Deleted nickname : pf

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