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Discworld player help



converse - A multi line say mode.


converse [name]


Converse is useful when you want to send a large amount of text. When you type converse, your prompt will change. Anything you type will be said. This saves you typing say each time. If you want to do something that is not a say, then you type ! first. To finish the converse session, type **.

If you use the converse <name> version of converse it does the same thing but with tells. So instead of saying everything you type in it tells everything to the person being targeted.


> converse
] hello, how are you
] follow me
] !north
You go north
!enter pub
You enter the pub
!buy beer
You buy a beer.
get yourself a beer
] !smile pinkfish
You smile at Pinkfish.
You bounce around.
Ok, end of converse mode.

See also

say, tell, repeat