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Posted at Fri Jun 2 Title: PK weekend has started!


From today, until the evening of June 4, there is a PK weekend event.
To go PK for the weekend, "go pk". Even if you are normally a PK, you have to do this to be able to pass PK checks.
Once you have gone PK, a skillcap will be applied that sets you to level 350. You will be unable to change it until the end of the weekend.

Note that while corpse looting and house looting are impossible, theft is still enabled. Please vault any possessions that you do not want to lose before marking yourself as a temporary PK.

Enjoy! And remember: have fun, play fair, and don't get personal!

P.S. If you don't want to be PK for the weekend, you can play as normal. :)
P.S.2. But it's still probably fun to go out and play the PK game with a lesser-used alt. :)
P.S.3. Since we are aware that the sweet spot for two-handed weapons is not quite at level 350, two one-handed "heavy-swords" have been added to the Elm Street weapons shop. Please note that these weapons will disappear again after the weekend!
(Pit edited this message at Fri Jun 2 21:35:21 2017.)