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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Harry's Educated Imps, posted on Mon Jul 28 23:34:59 2014
Posted by: Borealis
Category: Guilds
A recent competency test of the imps responsible for checking credentials of priests during schisms and high priest elections identified a discrepancy in the training given to the imps. This discrepancy may also have affected schism supporters. All the imps concerned have received an intensive training course, with the following results:

They will now apply the same standards to schisming priests as they use to determine eligible high priests in a high priest election.

They will also apply a similar but slightly lower requirement to the supporters of a schism.

These changes will not affect any elections that are currently in progress.

KFL Knives Now Forgetting To Forget Damage, posted on Fri Jul 11 21:42:59 2014
Posted by: Borealis
Category: Guilds
A bug in KFL knives has been fixed. This means that they will no longer miraculously regenerate condition every time you su or login.



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