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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Making Souvenirs, posted on Sat Aug 13 17:57:36 2016
Posted by: Feanor
Category: Am (domain pages)
Tourists around Ankh-Morpork were seen strutting in novelty t-shirts and gazing at snowglobes. Worried citizens expressed concern regarding a possible Reaper Man reenactment, prompting the city watch to investigate. The patrol report states the cause is a newly opened souvenir shop by the Least Gate, and Sgt. Littlebottom of the forensics department wishes to assure the public of the benign nature of the snowglobes.

Mano Rossa Tweaks, posted on Sat Aug 13 13:46:33 2016
Posted by: Aristophanes
Category: Guilds
As per discussions with various members of the Mano Rossa guild, we've changed the name of their AGMs and updated their offices to reflect their new distinct titles.

We have also added a (relatively) safe room to the Mano Rossa guild, similar to the AM book room. Be warned that if you are considered Persona Non Grata by the Mano Rossa there are likely to be consequences to invading their personal space.



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